5 Paid Magento Extensions that are Totally Worth it

Magento is one of the leaders in ecommerce platforms and in order to maintain your competitive advantage in the online world, it is necessary to implement the latest of features. Not only does it help your customers purchase on the website, but it also keeps them coming back. At aCommerce, we’ve built over 60 ecommerce sites with there being a handful of Magento 2 extensions that are worth every single dollar.

Magento Google Tag Manager

For: injecting the code that will track your website performance.

In the olden days, a marketing individual had to talk to a developer to help implement the code needed to measure different KPIs of the ecommerce funnel. Google Tag Manager (GTM) extension lets this marketing user add it within the Magento administration panel. Easily inserting the container ID and configuring the extension based on the different parameters and triggers set. If you’ve got multiple stores and currencies setup in Magento, the GTM extension can handle that, alongside Google Adwords conversion tracking, Facebook pixel tracking, and dynamic remarketing.

Social Login and Share

For: letting customers use their social media account as a login, instead of creating a new account.

If you’re an avid online shopper, you’d probably have a few accounts across many different websites. But hey, let’s be honest and say other customers aren’t as patient or willing to fill in forms and create other awkward passwords for every website they purchase on. Social login allows customers to log in using their existing social media account, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Instagram, and so on. This allows them to not have to fill in another registration form and quickly go through the checkout. If you’re doing e-commerce in Southeast Asia, do take note that SEA has the highest Facebook users per capita. Enabling Facebook login gives you easy access to over 400 million users.

Special Promotions – Advance Discounts Module

For: setting up as many promotions as your heart contents.

The Special Promotions extension has got to be the best investment for your Magento store. Simply because it’s future proof, in that your ecommerce teams will always want to run unique promotional campaigns. Some examples of these promotions include a discount based on a spent amount, step-based promotions with fixed discounts, and even quantity step-based deals with a percent discount. Depending on what your strategy is, there are some exclusivity promotions as well, such as as VIP customers get 20% off, or special birthday gifts for loyal customers.


For: saving a lot of time maintaining SEO tags and URLs.

In the world of SEO, a common practice now, may just be outdated in 6 months time. This is just the nature of the online world and keeping up is just part of the job. SEO Hub is a solution to help update meta tags and URLs for hundreds of products, which can often be cumbersome and time-consuming. It helps to also automate the process of applying SEO templates, changing the database with new tags, and overriding current meta descriptions.

Live Chat

For: opening a channel for customers to contact your store directly.

Everyone loves a good chat, don’t you? With ecommerce, live chat is an easy and convenient form of communication compared to emails and phone calls. Emails take too long for responses and the call centre wait times are often much higher than that of a chat. Live chat is also known to increase sales by enabling a mechanism for increasing upselling products because once a customer has engaged with an employee that understand their needs, the employee is in the perfect position to recommend additional purchases. Customers that consider live chat to be helpful, found that 62% were more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.