aCommerce Releases ‘aCommerce Connect’ Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge

Plug-and-play solution shortens time-to-market for clients on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud (previously Demandware) platform

An official technology partner of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, aCommerce, the leading ecommerce enabler in Southeast Asia, is proud to announce the launch of its Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge, called ‘aCommerce Connect’, available in the Salesforce LINK Marketplace today.

By leveraging ‘aCommerce Connect’, brands running ecommerce on Salesforce Commerce Cloud are able to connect with the aCommerce order management and fulfillment systems with just a click; an integration that previously took 4-6 weeks and several thousands in development costs.acommerce-connect

aCommerce’s official partner page on Salesforce

What is Salesforce LINK Marketplace?

Salesforce’s LINK Marketplace offers extensions to enable plug-and-play custom solutions for brands running on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. aCommerce Connect is one of several officially approved extensions.

How does aCommerce Connect work?

aCommerce’s ‘aCommerce Connect’ Salesforce Commerce Link Cartridge enables merchants to integrate with the aCommerce Public API with relative ease. It ensures that registered partners and merchants of aCommerce can consume endpoints such as authentication, inventory, sales order creation and sales order status updates.

Our cartridge uses the latest technology and complies with Salesforce Commerce Cloud standards, alongside being updated regularly by our development teams. aCommerce Connect saves time and money by instantaneously integrating with AMP (aCommerce Management Portal), where fulfilment and logistics events take place.

AMP is also a cloud-based warehouse management system integrated with Commerce Cloud to automate and streamline your fulfillment. AMP provides robust reporting to cut down hours spent on manually aggregating your data. aCommerce Connect is designed to simplify navigation between the ecommerce store and AMP.

“Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing ecommerce markets, expected to reach $88.1 billion by 2025. Given this growth, brands are looking for ways to extend their global and regional Salesforce Commerce Cloud ecommerce businesses into the region. The aCommerce Connect Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge helps brands connect to the back-end systems of the leading ecommerce enabler in Southeast Asia, thus saving time and custom integration work,” said Mandy Arbilo, Regional Head of Direct-To-Consumer Ecommerce at aCommerce

To request more information about the aCommerce Connect Commerce Cloud Cartridge, please contact [email protected].