aCommerce and Partners Present 2018 Ecommerce Trends

Online is not only changing retail, but the entire landscape incorporates advertising, media and entertainment. We want to help brands manage content, channels, and the entire customer experience to capture data end-to-end.” – Paul Srivorakul, aCommerce Co-Founder and Group CEO

The evolution of retail, from offline and online channels to unified and omnichannel, was one of the trends captured by aCommerce and partners as we presented 2018 ecommerce trends during media workshops in Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia on 21, 23 and 27 November respectively.

Joining us at the media workshops were notable retail brands who contributed to the meaningful chats on the industry insights. The participating brands at the panel discussion were the ones whom we have been working alongside with and help grow, such as Unilever, Abbott, HP, Payless, DSG International (Thailand) and Eiger Indonesia.

We have welcomed 54 journalists from 47 publications across the Southeast Asia region, including Forbes Indonesia, Bloomberg Philippines, Bangkok Post, The Jakarta Post, and The Manila Times, among others. Thank you for coming to our events.