aCommerce Launches BrandIQ to Help Brands Understand Online Shoppers and Increase Ecommerce Sales with Data

BrandIQ is the first SaaS solution that offers brands and retailers the most comprehensive ecommerce insights in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s leading brand ecommerce enabler, aCommerce, introduces BrandIQ, the company’s new ecommerce measurement and analytics suite. BrandIQ will enable brands to understand and visualize more than 11 million SKUs across 600 brands and 160,000 sellers online across Southeast Asia, enabling global consumer brands and retailers to grow online sales and market share.

BrandIQ is envisioned to provide brands in Southeast Asia with measurable data and actionable insights for their online commerce strategy. Using sophisticated ecommerce data collection and proprietary machine learning technologies, BrandIQ will empower brands to monitor online merchandise, analyze competitors, offer better promotions, understand consumer sentiments, and improve the overall ecommerce experience.

“We are now entering an era where usage of survey data is not sufficient to succeed in Southeast Asia’s growing ecommerce landscape,” said Poonpat Wattanavinit, Regional Director of Product, aCommerce. “BrandIQ is a new technology platform that collects data from all the leading online marketplaces to offer brands real-time insights. Through BrandIQ, brands will be able to benchmark their own performance on marketplaces over time as well as compare against competitors in terms of online sales and share of digital shelf.”

As part of the launch, BrandIQ is also rolling out additional services to help brands and consumers engage in a more meaningful and personal way. Brands can now discover brand advocates and generate authentic product reviews, reward and retain them, and grow brand advocacy at scale.

“For the last five years, aCommerce has helped brands in Southeast Asia overcome ecommerce challenges, including physical infrastructure and distribution barriers,” added Phensiri Sathianvongnusar, Chief Executive Officer, aCommerce Thailand. “Throughout these years, we saw that data and information is incredibly important to operate a business. The launch of BrandIQ comes naturally as a stepping stone for aCommerce to utilize data and further advance the success of our brands, along with the right tools, teams, and mindset throughout their ecommerce journey.”

BrandIQ kicked off its pilot operations in Thailand last year and since then has expanded its presence across the Southeast Asian region covering six countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. BrandIQ will continue to expand the service to other Southeast Asian countries and marketplaces as the ecommerce space continue to grow throughout the region.


At the conference, we have unveiled some interesting data collected by BrandIQ to showcase the platform’s capabilities. These findings include:
  • Wednesday is the best day to shop, as it is when prices on e-marketplaces drop the most;
  • On average, marketplaces price drop on the 1st and 16th of the month (Lotto result day) and climbing as month-end approaches;
  • 30-50% is the best discount range;
  • Products from the FMCG industry get more reviews related to delivery than electronics because FMCG has a “need it now” characteristic which makes consumers sensitive to delivery lead-time.

See the full presentation from the press conference here.