Highlights: aCommerce & Magento present Digital Brand Masterclass 2017

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For most businesses, the first step to launching an online website is choosing the right platform on which to build. Given the increasingly competitive tech space, there are many options to choose from, but which is the best for your business?

This is exactly the question aCommerce addresses in the very first “Digital Brand Workshop” for invited executives from Yamaha, Reebok, Love Bonito, Bosch, etc. held at the Westin Singapore.

The half-day workshop in partnership with Magento covered fundamental ecommerce platform features, data analytics on a brand.com to improve marketing efforts, and expanding the business from B2C to B2A (business-to-all) through an intimate chat with Samsung.

Below are some of the highlights:

“Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform” – Karl Noronha, aCommerce GM Singapore & Malaysia

Magento aCommerce Workshop

  • Depending on the brand’s strategy, there are multiple channels to choose from: brand.com, flagship shop-in-shop (SiS), popshop or a mix of all for the long-term game
  • Important features that your platform should support include: live chat and subscription commerce
  • “Many clients are asking for data about their customers, and this is only possible through a brand.com site.”

“Did you know what time Durex is most popularly purchased online? Some are guessing Friday at 10pm, but it’s actually 11am on Tuesday.

A Kiehl’s customer on average also finishes using a jar of facial cream in three months, notifications allow you to ping them when they’re almost finished their product. We know this information because we are actively tracking the data for brands.”


“It’s complicated, but easy to break down.”

Magento aCommerce Workshop

“Magento Client Case Studies” – Dene Schonknecht, Magento Alliance & Channel Leader

“Your mother used to tell you don’t meet people over the internet, don’t get into a strangers car, don’t go to a stranger’s home,” says Dene. “Ten years later, we have Tinder, Uber and AirBnb. Innovation changes consumer behavior.”
Watch Magento client case studies: Fraport and Oliver Sweeney

“B2B Brand Chat” – Mandy Arbilo, aCommerce Director of D2C and Lynette Lee, Samsung Electronics Director of Online Business (EPP/B2B)

Why did Samsung decide to explore B2B opportunities?

  • When we started Samsung EPP (Employee Purchase Program), we wanted to focus on the numerous small businesses in the market – these are the ones that want to purchase 100 – 500 pieces.
  • Through the EPP, we are allowing our customers to go online and purchase from us directly. We are cutting out the middleman so to speak and offering customers special features: “customization, extended warranty” as we would normally in the B2B world.

“We tweak our strategy to tackle uncovered opportunities.”

What are your top learnings from launching the program?

  • Most learnings came from the pricing strategy and product assortment as there are certain SKUs that are popular online versus offline super stores such as Harvey Norman.
  • Everyone can agree, everything nowadays is about a lean structure, lean organization and as with Samsung style, we do it with lean and localize for every market.

“Throughout the journey, we could collect a lot of important data, for analysis and understand customers to do better segment marketing, etc. We are heavily looking into more data. We aren’t particularly strong in collecting this type of data, especially in B2B but we are beginning to.”

Did you learn anything from EPP differences within each country: SG, ID, PH, MY?

  • Every market differs to a certain extent but one of the biggest factors was payment gateway
  • Singaporeans are used to credit cards, whereas Indonesia and Philippines can’t have credit card as the only payment gateway. We’re implementing installments and actually working with corporations to tap into employee payrolls – the B2B platform needs to offer the right feature as with Magneto through aCommerce to integrate our platform with the company’s payroll

“For the EPP, it was vital to run roadshows to create awareness and generate traffic. Generating traffic is very different from B2C, we can’t run simply run Facebook ads, we have to keep it in a closed community.”

What is Samsung’s goal with the entire purchase program?

“All of us are consumers, whether B2C or B2B, we are employers but employees at the same time. The line is blurred but we want to open this platform to the small businesses out there, we want to be there for you whether you have any questions about our products.”

“Marketing Analytics and Optimization” – Watasit Chindakawee, aCommerce Analytics & Marketing Tech Manager

Magento aCommerce Workshop


“Don’t optimize only the marketing, you also need to optimize the website at the same time as they go hand in hand.”

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