Shedding Light on Indonesia’s Last Mile with Real Time Tracking Technology

aCommerce Delivery service features an in-house transportation management system (TMS) that was built to address various last mile challenges from fleet monitoring as well as cash-on-delivery (COD) reconciliation transparency. The technology is being used by aCommerce partners such as ASP Express & Logistics, Mitra Makmur and Giant Express.

aCommerce TMS has shipped 120,000 orders from December 2016 and the company’s own fleet handled 41% of all shipments, averaging approximately 6,000 orders.

Features of aCommerce Transportation Management System

The technology tracks all of the orders handled by aCommerce delivery fleet in real time as well as the journey taken by each rider. The platform shows details such as the position of the rider through a pin that changes from green to red when the rider has been inactive for more than 40 minutes and the battery life of the drivers mobile phone.


aCommerce TMS also includes online proof of delivery (POD), in which the rider collects autographic & photographic evidence of delivery so clients know exactly when the package has been successfully delivered to the end customer.

The process flow below illustrates how the TMS tracks the delivery progress from beginning to end:


aCommerce TMS focuses on working with local district partners that understand the country’s infrastructure. The next steps for the technology is to increase order volumes across aCommerce’s 16 hubs scattered in the archipelago and include the integration of a COD reconciliation automation tool within the year to speed up the cash flow process for partners.