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We believe in data. It is a big part of our decision-making process and it should be a part of yours too. Analytics provide insight and through data collected from your marketing channels, ecommerce platform, and back-end systems, we implement the best strategy to improve your online performance.

Which of your categories are performing best? Where should your business focus be? How are your competitors’ online activities doing? Our experienced in-house experts will provide you with trend updates across different industries, channels and Southeast Asian countries.

Analytics mean smarter budget allocation and understanding of your current and future customers. aCommerce focuses on bottom line metrics, not vanity metrics.

Google Analytics

aCommerce will use Google Analytics magic to monitor and optimize the performance of client campaigns to improve conversion rates. Trend reports allow us to emphasize the campaigns that generate the most sales for your business.

Understand user behavior with advanced website metrics – they include: product impressions, product clicks, product views, add to a cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, and refunds. Data drives the bottom line.

aCommerce is one of the few Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACP) in Southeast Asia, and the only end-to-end ecommerce enabler that is GACP qualified. This certification requires every member in the aCommerce marketing team to pass Google’s GACP exam. As a result, all of our marketing staff are able to consult on and implement Google Analytics, ranging from standard out-of-the-box implementations to complicated configurations with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking, and custom event tracking.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile is an established channel for online transactions in Southeast Asia and customer experience is at the center. Understanding user behavior on mobile with mobile-centric analytics tools is key to your mobile growth strategy.

Reach your users on a device they always have on hand to provide them personalized recommendations and strengthen the brand-customer relationship.

Real-time Dashboards

Monitor the performance of all your channels with real-time dashboards. See a holistic view of all your campaigns in one place, ranging from top-funnel metrics down to the lowest-funnel metrics.

aCommerce integrates data across multiple sources and platforms to be able to maximize and test the best strategy to meet your business objective.

Cohort Analysis & Customer Lifetime Value Modeling

Off-the-shelf analytics platforms like Google Analytics are great and necessary for measuring marketing channel performance by looking at metrics like users, orders, and revenue. aCommerce looks at customer cohorts, lifetime value and cost of customer acquisition to understand the true ROI of a marketing channel or campaign. Our marketing initiatives are data driven and it shows in our results.


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