Case Study: Nivea uses ReviewIQ to increase high-quality user reviews for their flagship store on Lazada Thailand

93% of shoppers believe that product reviews have an influential impact when buying online and 88% of consumers trust product reviews as much as personal recommendations. However, getting quality customer reviews is often an overlooked aspect by brands.

Looking at some of the leading ecommerce marketplaces across the region, reviews in Southeast Asia are generally unhelpful. They are short, lack of insights and do not convince buyers.


In addition, general Southeast Asians are less likely to voice their opinions in the public space so the volume of reviews on marketplaces is also lacking.

For these reasons, ReviewIQ, a platform dedicated to helping brands connect to real reviewers, was launched earlier this year to help brands in Southeast Asia drive more genuine, quality reviews for their products listed on platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

Before we go into the case study, here are some benefits of user-generated reviews:

  • MORE TRAFFIC – Reviews are additional rich content for product detail pages which boosts both the search rankings within a marketplace as well as on Google. The end result is more traffic to a brand’s product detail pages and hence more sales;
  • HIGHER CONVERSION RATES – High quality, holistic reviews from real customers act as recommendations and social proof which increase conversion rates from product detail pages to add to cart to final purchase;
  • IMPROVED BRAND AWARENESS – Positive reviews make a brand look better and also stand out in a sea of grey sellers on marketplaces.


The client for this case is Nivea, a popular German personal care brand that has expertise in body-care. In Thailand, the company is regarded as family-trusted, loved and always reliable.



  • To encourage e-marketplace users to leave authentic reviews after purchasing the product;
  • To generate as much user reviews to the product listed on e-marketplace as possible. These reviews will eventually be beneficial to potential shoppers looking for genuine reviews and opinions from authentic users.


The ReviewIQ platform connects reviewers and brands.

Reviewer perspective:

Reviewers can sign up via the ReviewIQ website and specify details like their product interests and writing style. These data points will later help brands select the right reviewers for their products.

After signing up and if selected by brands, reviewers are eligible to receive products provided by brands to review. To receive the products, reviewers need to go through the regular online shopping process which will end with them receiving the product free of charge but in exchange for a quality review.

As the reviewers get to use the products and realize benefits, they will be able to write the reviews in their own words and based on their experience.

Brand perspective:

Brands log in to the ReviewIQ platform and select reviewers based on their previous purchase history, product interests, and writing styles. Reviewers will go through the normal shopping experience and receive products to review. Prior to sharing the reviews on e-marketplaces, brands do have the authority to evaluate and approve those reviews to make sure reviews are helpful.


Within two weeks, Nivea was able to increase their reviews on their flagship store on Lazada Thailand. All reviews generated are ‘Verified Purchases’.

Actual reviews on Nivea's official store on Lazada

Actual reviews on Nivea’s official store on Lazada

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