Company Updates

Company Updates

Levi’s Enhances Traditional Brand Through Online Channels

Success of popshop leads Levi’s to bolster its digital strategy with aCommerce end-to-end services

The success of Levi’s popshop has led to Levi’s amplifying its presence online in Thailand through a dedicated Levi’s webstore and Lazada shop-in-shop. The household name enjoys an extensive offline presence in Thailand, operating over 70 locations in department stores and shopping complexes nationwide.

These initiatives are all part of Levi’s comeback plan to capture more shares in the global denim market, estimated to be worth $79 billion by 2021.

Company Updates

Yves Rocher Introduces its Cosmetics to Leading E-Marketplaces via aCommerce

Yves Rocher Taps aCommerce Brand Commerce services and exceeds launch period estimates by 150%

Following a route taken by other global brands in the region, Yves Rocher has launched shop-in-shops on popular marketplaces Lazada and 11Street with aCommerce to diversify its channels in addition to its already extensive, network of 4,000 branches across 90 countries.

International brands still lead Thailand’s beauty and personal care market as they leverage from a long standing brand history and capital intensive marketing strategy.

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More Businesses Eyeing the Philippines for Ecommerce Opportunities

Southeast Asia’s first market research portal dedicated to online retail, ecommerceIQ, and Google Philippines held a closed-door executive workshop to accelerate the growth of digital in the Philippines on May 25th.

The event covered an overview of the overall Philippines landscape, how to setup ecommerce operations and digital marketing techniques to help grow online sales. It was attended by the country’s most promising companies that are taking the first steps to appease the young Filipino population with a growing appetite for ecommerce.Read more

Karl Noronha, aCommerce Singapore GM
Company Updates

What SME’s Should Know About Growing Their Online Business In Singapore

ecommerceIQ and The Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) collaborated to present an executive masterclass workshop titled “Digitizing in Southeast Asia’s Digital World’on March 1, 2017. The initiative is part of DBS’s TechMatch scheme aimed to help SME’s connect with technology companies. For the workshop, Karl Noronha, GM of aCommerce Singapore shared his insights on how companies and brands can grow their online business by leveraging the growth of ecommerce in Southeast Asia which is estimated to be worth $238 billion by 2025.

With businesses dipping their toes into the Southeast Asian ecommerce pool, what should interested brands know about entering the fragmented region? Below is a summary the presentation.

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aCommerce Delivery for SMEs Introduces Smart Selection and Address Sortation


aCommerce delivery service for SMEs Smartship has introduced a feature upgrade called ‘Smart Selection’, which recommends the most affordable 3PLs for any delivery in Indonesia and Thailand by accounting product size, payment method and delivery location.

The tool will reduce problems for 3PLs such as navigating challenging roads beyond a usual route that usually results in delayed or lost orders. ‘Address sortation’ will ensure each address in the database is validated and then fed back to Smart Selection to tackle the issue of vague shipping addresses for online deliveries.

Payless PH Beating US Counterpart, Sees Increase in Demand

The shoe company will use aCommerce Store Development and Marketing services


Shoe retailer Payless is looking to double its revenue this year, and the company plans to optimize web operations to do so. Payless will use aCommerce Store Development to offer users a faster, more customized online experience and ensure the site can handle increasing traffic and transactions.

This is in addition to the already on-going partnership between the two. In 2016, aCommerce constructed the Payless warehouse for its online orders within eight weeks and is also driving demand for Payless through digital marketing.

“Growth of retail in the Philippines continues to be supported by our young population as well as increasing consumer incomes. Ecommerce in the Philippines is currently a small percentage of retail sales,” SSI Group Inc. said, local distributor of Payless.

Payless PH remains profitable and will not be affected by the bankruptcy of its counterpart in the US.

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