Cosmetic Brand NYX Signs aCommerce End-to-End Services

As of March 4th, NYX (Thailand) has chosen aCommerce to launch its robust multi-channel ecommerce strategy in Thailand. Through aCommerce channel management platform ChannelSquid, the global brand distributes their products across popular online marketplaces Zalora and Lazada.

After a successful ‘sell out’ of inventory, NYX plans to double its SKUs and offer its products on Facebook as well to its 84,000+ followers.

Before investing in direct ecommerce, businesses need to think about the following 6 factors:

    1. Visibility – will your brand stand out among the large marketplace offering? Or do you prefer a smaller, more niche audience (higher conversion)?
    2. Scalability – do you have access to a sophisticated fulfillment method to handle larger volumes? Or is relying on the marketplace’s expertise an easier option?
    3. Customer Relationship Management – how important is it to nurture the customer-brand relationship (e.g. do you need to gain their trust/loyalty?)? Do you want to control
    4. Branding – how strict are your branding guidelines in terms of consistency (e.g. certain font style, color, packaging, overall look? Is your brand luxury?
    5. Ownership and User Experience – can you afford the hosting costs to deal with any issues or delays that may occur? Or is it more cost-efficient to let a marketplace optimize the UX?
    6. Pricing and Competition – do you have control of pricing to compete with other brands who sell products similar to yours or is your marketing strong enough to place your brand at the top?

NYX plans to launch its own in the future to strengthen its visibility to consumers who already shop offline. As more brands enter ecommerce in Southeast Asia through various methods, it encourages multi-channel purchasing habits.

More details regarding the beauty sector in Thailand can be found in the ecommerceIQ beautyIQ Report to be released late April where the aCommerce Research and Intelligence unit ranks the top 20 beauty brands in Thailand based on their ecommerce footprint.