Get to know the #aTeam – Fiona Thia, Head of Business Development, Singapore

aCommerce is a regional ecommerce enabler, providing full service ecommerce solutions to over 260 brand clients such as Samsung, Unilever, Nestlé, L’Oreal, Philips and Mars. Founded in June 2013, the company has over 1,400 staff in offices across Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

As part of the ‘get to know the ateam’ series, aCommerce will feature employee profiles on the website so we all can get to know each other a little better. Learn more about our colleagues from different backgrounds and the roles they play within the company. This will also help others find something they might like to do for a living!

Featured this week is Fiona Thia, who joined us over seven months ago in Singapore as the Head of Business Development.


What is your favorite part about working at aCommerce? 

aCommerce is a frontrunner within the ecommerce enabler landscape in Southeast Asia and needless to say, every single day is an exciting adventure. It’s an amazing opportunity to be right smack in the middle of the growing ecommerce global phenomenon and to be able to work for a company that runs fast like a start-up but is focused on striving to provide our clients with the best service.

What three words would you use to describe aCommerce?

Dynamic, supportive and forward-thinking.

If you had one superpower, what would you choose?

I would love to have omnilingualism as my super power! I love learning new languages; I took French and Thai lessons in university and I’m fluent in English and Mandarin. Language is a powerful connector and can help in building closer relationships between people who speak the same language. As a sales professional, it’s important for me to have the ability to connect quickly with people and being able to speak a common language is honestly one of the easiest methods of doing this.

Last book you read?

The art of thinking clearly by Rolf Dobelli.

Do you have any advice/tips for new joiners?

Always be willing to learn and expose yourself to challenges and tasks that you never thought you would be able to complete. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, but, more importantly, learn from them. Learn to ask for help whenever necessary and you’ll realize that the people around you (family, friends and co-workers) will be more than happy to support you. Maintain a work-life balance so you don’t get burnt out and you’ll always be able to give your 101%.

One of our core values that you feel very close to aCommerce?

Keep it real.

Voice your opinions when it matters and take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally to ensure you’re always ready for whatever challenges that are thrown your way.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the past year?

To keep things real. To give my absolute best at work and be the best person I can be outside of work as well. Never stop learning new things and indulge in your passion!


aCommerce is always looking for great talent to help us transform ecommerce for brands in Southeast Asia. If you’d like to find out more about working with us, feel free to reach out or check out the latest job openings here.