Get to know the #aTeam – Gelo Torres, Regional Solution Design Manager

Growth and career development is an important factor at aCommerce, which is why employees are also offered the opportunity to rotate jobs and relocate to gain a broader understanding of the inner workings of the company.

Gelo Torres, Regional Solution Design Manager at aCommerce has been with the company for over four years. He started out at aCommerce Philippines as the head of operations before moving to Singapore as the head of solution design two years later. Find out his story and experience about moving to a new role and another country.


As part of the ‘get to know the ateam’ series, aCommerce features employee profiles on the website so we all can get to know each other a little better. Learn more about our colleagues from different backgrounds and the roles they play within the company. This will also help others find something they might like to do for a living.

What was your experience like moving from the Philippines to Singapore into a new role?  

The shift was very smooth for me as the local team was very welcoming and accommodating. Mitch Bittermann, aCommerce Singapore CEO and Kenneth Thean, Regional Head of Category, Hardline taught me everything I needed to know in order to easily transition into my new role. I like the fact that the hierarchy at aCommerce is flat and you’re given autonomy which encourages employees to find their passion and work well towards it. A lot of responsibility is entrusted to you very early and everyone, including the senior management team, is always ready and willing to support you and help you succeed.

Any advice for people who would like to shift roles internally or move to a new country?

aCommerce puts significant weight on what your interests are when gauging how best you can add value to the company. Therefore, I’d suggest to first and foremost, express your interest. Provided you’ve excelled in your current role, have a good relationship with colleagues, and there is a role open that is aligned with what you want to do, the company would be happy to transfer you there.

Also, be patient. In my case, it took around six to eight months from the time I had expressed my interest until the time I  actually made the shift to a regional role based in Thailand. Within that period, I had to ensure a proper transition out of my current role as well as shadow Mitch to better understand what would be expected of me in the role I was about to take on. This really showed me that aCommerce will support you and provide you with what you need in order to succeed.

One of our core values that you feel very close to aCommerce?

Lean on your teammates!

Within the company, everyone has their own area of expertise. Don’t be shy to ask for help. In the same way, support your colleagues when they ask for help from you.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the last year?

Avoid office politics at all costs. Escalate to the right parties immediately if necessary in order to address the situation. Even cases that seem minor or isolated to a few specific people can easily spread and affect relationships with other colleagues, vendors, and even clients.

If you had one superpower, what would you choose?

Teleportation! I would love to see more of the world without the hassle of long commutes. Would also definitely help to get around congested cities like Kuala Lumpur and Manila.

Last book you read?

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Cernegie. I’ve read this book multiple times and it’s really helped me overcome some of the challenges of being an introvert and helped me become more effective professionally.


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