Get to Know the #aTeam – Pinto Inggit Laksono, Assistant Distribution Manager aCommerce Indonesia

aCommerce features employee profiles on the website so we all can get to know each other a little better. Featured this week is Pinto Inggit Laksono, Assistant Distribution Manager at aCommerce Indonesia.

Southeast Asia presents many country-specific challenges regarding infrastructure and payment. aCommerce with on-ground experience across the region offers customized solutions for brands to ensure that customer orders are appropriately prioritized and fulfilled on time and in full daily. As ecommerce is a cross-functional and team-based effort, distribution management is one of the important roles that help manage process execution.

Pinto joined aCommerce over three years ago and has had the opportunity to grow and get more experience by moving into different roles. In addition to working, he also has a hidden singing talent, enjoys traveling (his favorite place is Yogyakarta in Indonesia) and loves listening to Britpop music.


Three words to describe aCommerce?

Diverse, challenging, exciting.

One of the core values that you feel very close to at aCommerce?

There are two. ‘Solve Problems’ and ‘Leaning on your Teammates’.

Problem Solving consist of two things: correcting and preventing. I work to find the root cause of the problem by breaking it down using a fishbone diagram and then define the corrective and preventive action required.

Communicating with the right parties is also key. I had a good experience learning about teamwork when I was in the operations excellence team implementing a project for a client, the first at that time outside Jabodetabek area.

It was clear that without the support from each function, the deliverables to the customer would not be met. Starting from the fulfillment team that was in charge to prepare the products in timely manner, the distribution team in charge to deliver the products on time, the procurement team to provide all the necessities needed at the right time and within budget, the IT team who provided the stock movement system and installed the infrastructure on time, and the operation excellence team who helped during the migration and stock management process. All these teams contributed to the efficient operations by providing standardized guidelines and processes. The project manager ensured each function was working simultaneously to achieve the good quality service and stick within the timeline promised to the client.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the past year?

Never keep contemplating as to what others think of you. “Greatest prison is the fear of what others think of us.” Dont be constantly worried by it as you have no control over what others think of you. Just work in the area where you have control and increase your circle of influence by constantly upgrading your knowledge and skill set.

Do you have any advice for those looking to join the company?

Work until your idols in the company become your rival!

What’s the one rule you wish you could implement in the world?

“Treat others how you want to be treated.” This saying goes far beyond just being kind to people, or going out of your way to be available or helpful to those in need. There are many ways to create equality in your world that may go completely unnoticed by others. It’s really just about adjusting your views and attitudes. 


aCommerce is always looking for great talent to help us transform ecommerce for brands in Southeast Asia. If you’d like to find out more about working with us, feel free to reach out or check out the latest job openings here.