Shipping & Delivery Management

Shipping & Delivery Management

Southeast Asia presents many country-specific challenges regarding
infrastructure and payment. For shipping technology and last mile delivery
solutions suited for the region, businesses and brands trust in aCommerce on
the ground experience. Our effective solutions make both the brand and their
customers happy.

Multi-Shipping Management

aCommerce SmartShip uses a proprietary algorithm to help brands and retailers navigate the complex logistics ecosystem in Southeast Asia with the aim to take advantage of the price difference among various shipping service providers. The system dynamically matches pending orders with the best 3PL rates given the nature of the product and the target delivery destination.

Cash On Delivery (COD)

A cash on delivery option is integral to any successful business strategy in Southeast Asia. 70% of ecommerce transactions in Thailand are still paid via COD and 65% of Indonesians remain unbanked. Businesses wanting to reach Southeast Asian customers offer cash on delivery through aCommerce as a payment option.

Tracking Solutions

Check the status of your product delivery journey in real-time from fulfillment center to the end consumer through aCommerce tracking solutions. aCommerce monitors all third party carriers on a unified platform so that customers can track the status of their product even if they use more than one delivery service.


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