Company Updates

Levi’s Enhances Traditional Brand Through Online Channels

Success of popshop leads Levi’s to bolster its digital strategy with aCommerce end-to-end services

The success of Levi’s popshop has led to Levi’s amplifying its presence online in Thailand through a dedicated Levi’s webstore and Lazada shop-in-shop. The household name enjoys an extensive offline presence in Thailand, operating over 70 locations in department stores and shopping complexes nationwide.

These initiatives are all part of Levi’s comeback plan to capture more shares in the global denim market, estimated to be worth $79 billion by 2021.

Company Updates

Yves Rocher Introduces its Cosmetics to Leading E-Marketplaces via aCommerce

Yves Rocher Taps aCommerce Brand Commerce services and exceeds launch period estimates by 150%

Following a route taken by other global brands in the region, Yves Rocher has launched shop-in-shops on popular marketplaces Lazada and 11Street with aCommerce to diversify its channels in addition to its already extensive, network of 4,000 branches across 90 countries.

International brands still lead Thailand’s beauty and personal care market as they leverage from a long standing brand history and capital intensive marketing strategy.

Want to know how to better optimize your Lazada shop-in-shop? Download our whitepaper her

Client Updates

Mars Petcare Leverages aCommerce E-Sampling Technology to Reach Over 60,000 Dog Lovers in Manila

PEDIGREE®, the world’s leading dog food brand, with its inspiration to provide all dogs access to professional nutrition, has launched an online sampling campaign on May 15 to offer free 60,000 PEDIGREE® dog food samples to pet owners in Metro Manila over a three month period.

Pet owners simply had to register with their dog name, breed, email and address to receive the brands most popular products that include PEDIGREE® adult or puppy food in both dry and wet format. PEDIGREE® also provides a booklet to educate owners on the different nutrients requirements for dog vs. humans.

But in less than two weeks, the entire supply – over 60,000 samples – was ordered by numerous Filipino dog lovers, including digital influencers, took to social media to thank the brand for the campaign.Read more

Company Updates

More Businesses Eyeing the Philippines for Ecommerce Opportunities

Southeast Asia’s first market research portal dedicated to online retail, ecommerceIQ, and Google Philippines held a closed-door executive workshop to accelerate the growth of digital in the Philippines on May 25th.

The event covered an overview of the overall Philippines landscape, how to setup ecommerce operations and digital marketing techniques to help grow online sales. It was attended by the country’s most promising companies that are taking the first steps to appease the young Filipino population with a growing appetite for ecommerce.Read more

Company Insights

Why Southeast Asia Is Leading The World’s Most Disruptive Mobile Business Models

Earlier this summer, more than 35,000 industry leaders gathered at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 to discuss the future of mobile, making it the largest-ever mobile-focused event in Asia. Whereas the majority of the conference focused on new technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things, I was joined by peers from Netflix, Line, Ola Cabs, Flipkart and Twitter to discuss future business models for the mobile Internet.

Most of this discussion steered toward China and India, but I was there to focus on Southeast Asia. This perspective (or some would say, bias) isn’t just because my company operates in Southeast Asia, but rather is because of our $16 million dollar bet that innovation and disruption in mobile will be coming out of Southeast Asia far faster than other regions, such as the U.S., China and Japan, as expected.

Why? I will argue below that Southeast Asia is at the crossroads of two major socio-technical forces that are creating a perfect storm scenario: the convergence of “no-tail” and “mobile leapfrogging.”

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Ecommerce News

eIQ Insights: What Trends Will Influence Southeast Asia’s Ecommerce in The Coming Years?

Seasoned entrepreneurs from multiple ecommerce companies at Echelon Thailand 2017 discussed how ecommerce in Southeast Asia has developed so far and where it is heading.

On the panel: Orami Group CEO Jeremy Fichet, Box24 CEO & founder Nithipont Bond Thaiyanurak, honestbee Thailand country manager Bounthay Khammanyvong and Pomelo co-founder & CFO Casey Liang moderated by aCommerce Internet Marketing Director, Ten Chantharamungkorn revealed some of the trends that they expect will influence the region’s ecommerce businesses in the next few years.

Here are the key takeaways put together by ecommerceIQ:

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Ecommerce News

Strategies To Optimize a Lazada Shop-in-Shop for Maximum Retail Performance

With Alibaba’s acquisition of Lazada and Southeast Asia’s mirror-like ecosystem to that of China, it’s no surprise that the region’s more popular marketplace is moving towards a more Tmall-like model.

The largest sign being the opportunity for brands to design their own shop-in-shop – called Tmall flagship stores in China. They drive on-site traffic and simply optimizing shop-in-shop text and images can lead to maximum conversions.

In this article, we look at some best practices from popular Tmall flagship stores in China and explore opportunities for brands to improve their shop-in-shop performance on marketplaces in Southeast Asia, specifically Lazada.

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