Case Study: How The Outlet24 Saw Search Growth Skyrocket With aCommerce Marketing


With the adoption of Google AdWords’ new features and invention of proprietary technology to address challenges and understanding of The Outlet24’s business, aCommerce has increased sales from Search campaigns over 230% and ROI over 22%


“Providing a positive online experience and reaching the right target audience are important key factors to promoting our lifestyle products effectively. aCommerce has been greatly contributing to our success for – driving good quality traffic to the site with many insightful updates and initiatives on online marketing. We are looking forward to building a greater success with the team on our new website –”

Nitthakorn Wongwan
GM at Central Trading Co., Ltd.


  • Generate online sales from Search campaigns 


  • Use Ad Customizer and Sitelink automation to keep ad copies relevant and updated  
  • Automate bid adjustments based on historical performance to increase efficiency
  • Utilize Google signals and Landing Page Crawler to maximize onsite experience


  • 230% increase in sales, 22% increase in ROI and 167% increase in sessions

Central Marketing Group (CMG) is a leading distributor of imported & local fashion and lifestyle brands such as Wrangler, G2000, La Senza, Laura Mercier, The Body Shop, Casio, Dyson and many more with retail locations across Thailand. In order for their customers to have access to these great brands at affordable prices, CMG decided to open an outlet store under The Outlet24 in Bangkok.

Not long after the introduction of the The Outlet24 offline store, CMG decided to launch an ecommerce store to expand its reach and address market opportunities beyond Bangkok.

This ‘anywhere and anytime’ store provides the same level of access to hundreds of brands under CMG group, ranging from clothing, beauty, mom & baby, and electronics. In 2013, aCommerce was chosen as a marketing partner to create a smooth customer experience, starting from building awareness and acquiring customers to retaining them for The Outlet24.

One of the marketing channels that delivered highest performance for The Outlet24 is Search Advertising and we went extra miles to ensure that searchers see the most relevant and updated information when they look for a product. For example, we use Ad Customizer to include the product model name that matches the search query as well as discount percentage for that particular model. The adoption of Ad Customizer alone increased clickthroughs instantly by 8%. The data is updated and synced every 6 hours to handle price fluctuations over the day according to the market.

To help us better manage multiple promotions running at the same time, aCommerce invented a tool that allows us to set the launch and expiry dates of sitelinks. This way, customers can receive not only more detailed product information and its pricing but also all active promotions to help them make that purchase decision at The Outlet24.

Example of Ad Copies with and without Ad Customizer

Example of Ad Copies with and without Ad Customizer

To show these tailored ads to potential customers as much as possible, we utilized both our certified Search Specialists’ expertise and historical data of The Outlet24. Thanks to Google Data Studio, our Search Specialists have access to all key metrics at a glance and therefore are able to act on data in a timely manner.

On the other hand, we feed conversion data into our own Search optimization algorithm, ATKINS, that can automatically make bid adjustments based on sales performance by device and hour. The algorithm works 24/7 as a great compliment to our experts to ensure that Search campaign performance is maximized throughout the campaign period, especially during out of office hours.

Once a user clicks on our ad, our goal is to pass the baton to the right landing page that will take the user to the finish line – the conversion. As the name suggests, The Outlet24 is an outlet with limited number of inventory for each product and this is where ATKINS come in again. ATKINS alerts search specialists when inventory level is low and automatically turns off only the campaigns whose stock runs out.

This feature was later extended to detect 404 error on all campaign landing pages. With these capabilities, wasted spend on campaigns that sent traffic to out-of-stock products or 404 error pages were cut to nearly zero.

aCommerce also uses Google signals to send traffic to the most relevant landing pages. For example, The Outlet24’s fashion section is divided into men’s fashion and women’s fashion and further broken down into subcategories such as shirts and pants. This structure is not ideal for our Search campaigns as when a user searches “shirts,” we need to decide if we should send the user to men’s and women’s pages.

Our Search Specialists navigated this issue by utilizing Google signals such as demographics, Google Analytics segments, and Customer Match to identify gender of fashion shoppers in order to display gender-specific ad copy and sitelinks.

The Outlet24’s ad with a sitelink highlighting Women’s Fashion new arrivals serving female searchers

The Outlet24’s ad with a sitelink highlighting Women’s Fashion new arrivals serving female searchers

Search Advertising has not only proven to generate online sales but also demonstrated its potential to keep growing over time. Even in our 5th year working with The Outlet24, revenue from Search grew 230% year-on-year while increasing ROI and sessions by 22% and 167% respectively.

This achievement, in conjunction with other efforts to deliver great experiences to customers, has helped The Outlet24 to grow 69% annually on average sales from 2014 to 2016, despite maintaining its marketing budget over the years.