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Company Update

5 Paid Magento Extensions that are Totally Worth it

Magento is one of the leaders in ecommerce platforms and in order to maintain your competitive advantage in the online world, it is necessary to implement the latest of features. Not only does it help your customers purchase on the website, but it also keeps them coming back. At aCommerce, we’ve built over 60 ecommerce sites with there being a handful of Magento 2 extensions that are worth every single dollar.

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Ecommerce Insights

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Software for Your Business

More brands in Southeast Asia are looking to adopt “dot com” strategies for a direct-to-consumer approach. Why? It allows them to establish a stronger brand identity, customize a more personable online experience and obtain customer data to keep optimizing their ecommerce cycle.

But it’s not cheap to build a website and with so many software options on the market, how can a brand that is only beginning to go online make an informed decision? The right technology allows scalability whereas the wrong one will require more maintenance sucking both time and money.

Mandy Arbilo, Senior Project Manager at aCommerce, Southeast Asia’s leading ecommerce service provider, share his insights about what brands should take into account when choosing between the two most popular platforms currently on the market, Magento and Commerce Cloud (previously Demandware).

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