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aCommerce Delivery for SMEs Introduces Smart Selection and Address Sortation


aCommerce delivery service for SMEs Smartship has introduced a feature upgrade called ‘Smart Selection’, which recommends the most affordable 3PLs for any delivery in Indonesia and Thailand by accounting product size, payment method and delivery location.

The tool will reduce problems for 3PLs such as navigating challenging roads beyond a usual route that usually results in delayed or lost orders. ‘Address sortation’ will ensure each address in the database is validated and then fed back to Smart Selection to tackle the issue of vague shipping addresses for online deliveries.

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The Art of Building Media Relations in Southeast Asia on an SME Budget

I joined a young tech startup founded by the ex-Ensogo Thai-American Srivorakul brothers two years ago with the simple enough marketing task: make the company famous. aCommerce is a very ‘unsexy’ B2B ecommerce solutions entrant (think trucks, warehouses and nerdy software developers) and I, myself was also new to the market – a foreigner who had moved to Thailand from North America.

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