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Learnings of the Month: Make Collaboration Better with Event Storming

Event storming is a relatively new phenomenon in the technology industry being practiced by a number of the leading tech companies and aCommerce is no exception. It is frequently used as a model that consolidates the ‘events’ (refer to a situation that becomes a cause for reactions) and ‘reactions’ (refer to actions to be taken and stakeholders to be involved) created from each task. Employing an event storming model can help to reduce redundancy, simplify workflow, and increase the effectiveness of team collaborations.

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Company Updates

Highlights: aCommerce & Magento present Digital Brand Masterclass 2017

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For most businesses, the first step to launching an online website is choosing the right platform on which to build. Given the increasingly competitive tech space, there are many options to choose from, but which is the best for your business?

This is exactly the question aCommerce addresses in the very first “Digital Brand Workshop” for invited executives from Yamaha, Reebok, Love Bonito, Bosch, etc. held at the Westin Singapore.

The half-day workshop in partnership with Magento covered fundamental ecommerce platform features, data analytics on a brand.com to improve marketing efforts, and expanding the business from B2C to B2A (business-to-all) through an intimate chat with Samsung.

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