NaRaYa Sees around 200% Increase in GMV on Shopee Super Brand Day with aCommerce

NaRaYa, a popular Thai brand under Narai Intertrade Co., Ltd., partnered with the leading brand ecommerce enabler in Southeast Asia, aCommerce, for their debut on Super Brand Day on Shopee Thailand.

The 24-hour sales campaign, which took place on March 15th, 2019, featured several marketing activities that offered NaRaYa lovers to enjoy up to 25% discount storewide on Shopee Mall.

Prior to Shopee’s Super Brand Day, NaRaYa has been working closely with aCommerce since early last year when the company appointed aCommerce as its ecommerce enabler as part of the brand’s digital revamp. On this campaign, NaRaYa closed the day with the total number of orders that is over 230% higher than expected.

The majority of the success came from the joint marketing efforts by NaRaYa, Shopee, and aCommerce. On the day of the campaign, NaRaYa did a ‘takeover’ on Shopee’s app and website and painted them with NaRaYa’s branding and promotion on the homepage — giving the brand full visibility among the shoppers. In addition to the promotion on the platform, the marketing efforts also extended to a TV commercial, push notification, and EDM. NaRaYa also joined the live-streaming session on Shopee’s app and website at 9 PM. The brand saw around 40% jump on the Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) from the previous hour before the live-stream as a result.

The influencer also helped to advertise the live-stream session with NaRaYa’s on her social media; Instagram

“To drive maximum sales for the event, we collaborated with Shopee and aCommerce using the latest in ecommerce selling innovation in Thailand. The combination of live stream influencer selling, flash sales, voucher games, LINE App push marketing, and Facebook ads collectively contributed to the successful day,” says George Hartel, Chief Ecommerce & Business Development Officer at NaRaYa. “As important as the demand generation was the ability for aCommerce to react and handle the overdrive order volume and ship to consumers on-time. This helped to boost the brand and ensure our success”, he added.

On the day of the campaign, NaRaYa’ Geometric Printed Quilted Handbag with Ribbon came on top as the most popular item which sold a total of over 500 pieces on that day. At the end of the campaign, the brand saw an increase of around 200% from the targeted GMV. Additionally, aCommerce and NaRaYa were able to collaborate to ensure all the customers received more than 8,500 orders in a specified timeframe.

NaRaYa Geometric Printed Quilted Handbag with Ribbon that saw the highest demand on Shopee’s Super Brand Day; NaRaYa’s Shopee Official Store

Siwagorn Siriwongpanupong, Head of Business Development, Shopee Thailand said, “We are pleased to have NaRaYa, a popular homegrown Thai brand, join us in our first-ever Shopee Brand Festival with a special NaRaYa x Shopee Super Brand Day. The collaboration was a big success, and is a reflection of our long-term commitment to helping more offline brands grow their businesses through ecommerce; and at the same time, allowing our users to conveniently shop premium products via our platform.”