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aCommerce Partners with Jumper.ai to Unite Social Commerce Front for Brands in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s ecommerce enabler aCommerce announces strategic partnership with Jumper.ai, a Singapore-based multi-channel conversational commerce platform. The partnership is aimed to unite the best of breed solutions for Social Commerce; from conversational commerce through messaging apps to brand advocates by social sellers, and many more.

In a social-media driven internet society like Southeast Asia, social media platforms have long evolved beyond the space for communicating, sharing, and online networking. The shifts have seen customer behavior changed for the users, treating it not only as a mechanism for customer service or advocacy but a channel to make direct purchases, flattening the conversion funnel and blurring the line between social, content, and commerce. 

“We’ve seen the trend of customer inquiries in social media to our customer service team during our preliminary research and identified the opportunity to facilitate sales for customers who might have been on the fence about buying online. Partnering with Jumper.ai allows us to accelerate our efforts by adding a sophisticated middle-layer between social, chat, and voice to our unified SocialIQ platform strategy,” explained Mandy Arbilo, Regional Director of Partnerships and Business Development at aCommerce. 

On average, a typical shopper has had 11 engagements before it’s converted into an order, most of which happens in social media platforms. Enabling the transaction directly on the social channel amplifies marketing spend efforts without having to heavily invest in a brand ecommerce website as 85% of social media shoppers in the region already plan to shop more through social platform.

The partnership will see more capabilities being rolled out for social commerce solutions from aCommerce, including:

  • Improve social engagement for posts, ads and live streams by helping brands identify high intent consumer comments and privately message them to drive product consideration
  • Guided shopping with options for brand advisors to share products and personalised advice for customers in real-time or for customers to self-discover and purchase products through automated conversations. 
  • Frictionless checkout and payment capabilities within Messaging apps – integrated with regional payment processors   Inventory, order management and shipping capabilities through real time sync from back office
  • Social CRM to manage customer profiles across channels in a single view to gather first party data and valuable consumer insights
  • Automated Notifications for order updates, cart recovery and customer reactivation through popular messaging channels. 
Unified Social Commerce platform by aCommerce

The partnership will open opportunities for brands to build an Omnichannel presence and convert customers seamlessly on the platforms of their choice. 

“Joining forces with aCommerce was imperative for us to extend our ecommerce capabilities with full service provider. By evolving the social commerce market together, we want to grow and unlock opportunities for our mutual clients by providing them with rapid deployment across multiple channels and geographies. We’re excited to bring this synergy which is still unique in Southeast Asia,” said Nyha Shree, Co-Founder at Jumper.ai.

Currently, aCommerce is working with leading FMCG and Consumer Electronics brands to expand their social commerce and social selling capabilities. Together with Jumper.ai, aCommerce will offer the services on Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Google AdLingo (Conversational Display Ads) and iMessage in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines.


About aCommerce 

aCommerce is the largest regional brand ecommerce enabler that provides end-to-end and ala carte ecommerce solutions for global brands in Southeast Asia, such as Samsung, Unilever, Nestlé, L’Oreal, Philips and Mars. Founded in May 2013, aCommerce has over 1,000 staff, spreading across 4 offices and 7 fulfillment centers in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The company provides end-to-end ecommerce technologies and solutions including performance marketing, channel management, webstore design and operations, content production, order fulfillment and warehousing, delivery and logistics and localized customer care.

About Jumper.ai 

Jumper.ai is the world’s first conversational commerce platform that equips consumer businesses of all sizes create messaging-first customer experiences across popular social messaging services like WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Twitter, SMS, Line, Google Ads, blogs and brand website.
Headquartered in Singapore, Jumper.ai provides a suite of products that businesses can use to personalise customer experience, increase conversions from ads, offer guided shopping, process orders and payments within messaging apps, and gather enriched customer insights through first party data- contextually for thousands of customers globally including companies like Disney, Lakme, Closeup, Dove, Huawei. 

For more information, please contact:

Business opportunity: [email protected]
Media inquiry: [email protected]

LINE partnered with aCommerce
Company Update

aCommerce Partners with LINE to Help Brand Enterprise do Social Commerce

LINE has announced the partnership with aCommerce last week at LINE Converge Thailand event, the company’s largest showcase of the year. As the new Retail Solution Partner, aCommerce will work together with LINE to help more brands using LINE platform as their online sales channel.

To mark the occasion, Chief Executive Officer of aCommerce Thailand Phensiri Sathianvongnusar joined Norasit Sitivechvichit, Chief Commercial Officer of LINE Thailand on the stage during the presentation to unveiled a range of LINE’s professional solutions for business.

The new partnership is in line with aCommerce’s commitment to deliver greater value for our brand clients and accelerate their growth through great products and services.

“This innovation will help consumers to shop online much easier on LINE. In addition, it will help bridge the gap between consumers and brands with data that could be used to improve customer experience on the platform.

Phensiri Sathianvongnusar, aCommerce Thailand CEO

The importance of social media for brands to reach their consumers only increases overtime, notably in Thailand where the social media penetration is above the region’s average at 71% of the population and LINE’s penetration in the country is the second highest in the world with 44 million monthly active users.

The widespread usage of LINE in the country has it evolved from a platform where people connect with their friends and family into a convenient tool to navigate their everyday lives. The company’s new vision ‘Life on LINE’ showed the commitment to bring the best experience for their users as mentioned by the Senior Vice President of Global Business at LINE, Eunjung Lee:

“LINE is committed to bringing truly ‘Wow’ experience to all its users. Under the theme of ‘Life on LINE’, we believe our three key strategies can help fix people’s common pain points and make daily life more fun and convenient for all our Thai users.” 

L'Oréal Social Commerce aCommerce
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How L’Oréal Uses aCommerce’s Social Commerce to Simplify Transaction and Increase Customer Engagement

For most consumers in Southeast Asia, social shopping is not a new concept. In the region where social media penetration rate is at 55%, the line between social networks and ecommerce is completely blurred. It has also become a key platform for B2C and C2C transactions. Unfortunately, only 17% of the analyzed brands around the world have made use of Facebook’s shoppable page.  

Our explanation to the surprisingly low number is rather simple — brands tend to shy away from social commerce because of the lack in integration to its existing ecommerce system.

But L’Oréal is an exception.

All over the region, the French cosmetics company has been fore-fronting at employing technologies to enhance the experience of its shoppers, including the recent partnership with Watsons which allows consumers across Asia to try on makeup virtually. In Southeast Asia, L’Oréal is capitalizing on the burgeoning Facebook of 338 million through the launch of the social commerce platforms with the region’s leading brand ecommerce enabler, aCommerce.

Why Social Commerce by aCommerce?

Given that social commerce in Southeast Asia is expected to flourish even more, it makes now the prime opportunity for brands and retailers to jump on board, experiment and lead ahead of the curve of social shopping.

aCommerce introduces the social commerce service to help brands find the right way to convert the existing followers on the brand’s social platforms into potential purchasers by allowing the targeted audiences to discover, browse, and buy directly from Instagram, Facebook, or LINE posts. The service also provides on-demand communication and a virtual interaction through chats, whether it be Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, or Line. Keeping all of the brand’s communication in one thread.

Growing social commerce demand pushes L’Oréal to look for an integrated tool

Understanding the growing demand for social shopping and the numerous introductions for features such as Facebook Marketplace and Instagram’s shoppable features, L’Oréal turns to aCommerce, who has been overseeing L’Oréal’s Facebook page in terms of ads and posts from the beginning, for a solution.

The brief from L’Oréal was straight-forward. The company wants a consolidated platform that will be able to integrate the orders and fulfillment of the social commerce demand into its existing ecommerce system.

The Implementation and Success from L’Oréal Social Commerce Facebook Page

With an integrated social commerce tool, L’Oréal is able to allow its potential shoppers to make a purchase via Facebook, Facebook Messenger, LINE official account. They will be able to order through discreet chat windows (as opposed to a phone call or a website).

L'Oréal Social Commerce - Facebook Platform
L’Oréal’s shoppable facebook page enables shoppers to order and make a purchase with the assistance on Facebook Messenger; L’Oréal Thailand

aCommerce also supplements the brand with content, messaging and tone-of-voice that are exclusively personalized to the consumer. It also allows them to have a direct chat with a Customer Service agent or “Beauty Expert”. In return, L’Oréal is able to secure the customer data that can be used to strengthen the relationship between the brand and customers, as well as increasing the engagement with the brand.

By offering a quick and responsive response through Facebook Messenger, L’Oreal is able to fasten the process of transactions and lower the Cost to Serve (CTS). The presence of its shoppable features also reduces the amount of investment that goes into setting an ecommerce website.  

Over a period of 5 months since its initial launch, the new social commerce platform powered by aCommerce seen a surge in customer engagement on L’Oréal Facebook fan page, with an average inquiry-to-sale conversion rate of 22%.

Want to learn more about what social media can contribute to your sales performance? Contact [email protected] for more.

Company Update

Why Southeast Asia Is Leading The World’s Most Disruptive Mobile Business Models

Earlier this summer, more than 35,000 industry leaders gathered at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015 to discuss the future of mobile, making it the largest-ever mobile-focused event in Asia. Whereas the majority of the conference focused on new technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things, I was joined by peers from Netflix, Line, Ola Cabs, Flipkart and Twitter to discuss future business models for the mobile Internet.

Most of this discussion steered toward China and India, but I was there to focus on Southeast Asia. This perspective (or some would say, bias) isn’t just because my company operates in Southeast Asia, but rather is because of our $16 million dollar bet that innovation and disruption in mobile will be coming out of Southeast Asia far faster than other regions, such as the U.S., China and Japan, as expected.

Why? I will argue below that Southeast Asia is at the crossroads of two major socio-technical forces that are creating a perfect storm scenario: the convergence of “no-tail” and “mobile leapfrogging.”

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Company Update

SME’s Masterclass: The Evolution and Opportunities in Ecommerce

Social commerce is a unique Thai phenomenon. In Thailand, an estimated one-third to half of total ecommerce GMV is happening on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LINE.

This week, aCommerce Academy hosted an SME’s Masterclass with the goal  to educate Thailand’s small businesses (FB, Line, Instagram) on how to maximize their marketing efforts online. This was an interactive session with the digital marketing experts where  attendees from the retail and non-retail industry learned about the evolution and opportunities in ecommerce for SME’s via multiple case studies and online marketing tools shared with them. 

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