aCommerce to Launch New EcommerceIQ Connector To Power Shopify Stores With Fulfillment Services in SEA

aCommerce is excited to announce the impending release of a connector to seamlessly connect the data streams between Shopify and aCommerce’s proprietary omnichannel order management platform – EcommerceIQ.

This connector is the answer to many brands’ woes, as ecommerce managers struggle to keep track of multiple sales channels switching between marketplaces, social commerce, and direct-to-consumer dashboards to monitor their online business.

“We are thrilled about the upcoming release of what this new connector can bring to our clients and the wider market,” said Roberto Kauffmann, aCommerce’s Group Chief Product Officer. “For our brand clients, this Shopify and EcommerceIQ turnkey integration-as-a-service allows us to simply add and operate Shopify stores as an additional channel. Likewise, brands wishing to launch a store or existing Shopify merchants, can now easily scale up their business by tapping into our fulfillment and other EcommerceIQ services almost instantly. It also provides clients with centralized multichannel monitoring and insights that are vital for professional ecommerce.”

Slated to be released as early as January 2023, this connector enables the smooth flow of products, inventory, sales orders, returns, delivery updates, and all related data between EcommerceIQ and Shopify.

“Direct-to-consumer is a crucial piece of the puzzle. With the new public integration, our clients will have a 360 view of their operations, where they can manage and optimize their ecommerce business. This is an opportunity for brands and merchants to leverage their existing marketplace presence and create an efficient multi-channel strategy,” said Paul Srivorakul, aCommerce Group Chief Executive Officer. 

With this new Shopify to EcommerceIQ connector, managing, monitoring, optimizing, and making informed multi-channel decisions becomes much easier.

Streamlined Ecommerce Operations

EcommeceIQ is the leading SaaS ecommerce enablement platform in Southeast Asia, it gives businesses the ability to manage and scale ecommerce processes from end to end. The world’s top brands are now using the platform’s proprietary technology as it streamlines operations and allows effortless scalability and monitoring capabilities.

This connector natively connects Shopify with EcommerceIQ. It aims to eliminate the tedium of managing multiple ecommerce channels from different dashboards, allowing EcommerceIQ clients to start selling directly to consumers without altering the current workflow. 

The connector is secured by the EcommerceIQ proprietary tokenized module and will automatically consume and synchronize order information, inventory, and pricing control through a unified panel.

Bringing D2C to Southeast Asia

aCommerce and Shopify are at the forefront of enabling direct-to-consumer ecommerce in Southeast Asia. The partnership is structured to empower brands and merchants to get their products directly to consumers in the most cost-efficient way by lowering or even eliminating upfront store setup, implementation costs, and revenue sharing.

On its release, aCommerce existing partners will have the exciting opportunity to be among the first to opt-in and sample the powerful capabilities of a webstore with full EIQ integration. The connector will then be brought to the broader market in the next few months following the pilot.

Making Ecommerce Easy

aCommerce designed the integration to be easy and painless. With just a few clicks, businesses can be on their way to managing their entire marketplace and D2C channels directly from EcommerceIQ, optimizing anything from merchandise to content.

Demo sessions for potential new users are now underway, If your brand is looking to simplify the management of your marketplace, or Shopify online store, or looking to set up a new D2C channel visit us at, or for more information.