aCommerce Launches Price Intelligence Feature for Real-Time Competitor Product Prices Tracking

If your brand is competing on marketplaces in Southeast Asia, this one is for you.

To compete effectively in what is dubbed the Southeast Asian marketplace price wars, it is crucial to know your brand’s position in the market, with the key to establishing the right competitive pricing strategy without sacrificing profit and growth being to know your competitors and market prices.

EcommerceIQ, the leading e-commerce management platform in Southeast Asia launched by aCommerce group in 2019, is introducing its latest feature, built to give you the competitive advantage you need. Price Intelligence is a new comprehensive price tracking and monitoring tool that will help your brand stay updated on the market prices of similar products and find the right balance between profitability and scale.

Since Mega Campaign 3.3, aCommerce has been using Price Intelligence internally to QC the campaign product prices. With the new breakthrough Price Intelligence tool, there’s no need to manually track your brand or your competitors’ prices and sales performance on e-commerce marketplaces anymore, now Price Intelligence can do all of that for you in real-time!

Price Intelligence is part of EcommerceIQ Market Insights’ web-scraping technology. This new feature obtains real-time product data from the marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee, enabling you to have an overview of entire the pricing data in the market. The tool can see the fluctuations of your campaign products and the marketplace’s performance – all from one single dashboard.

Price Intelligence makes it simple to track the price and performance of the product groups similar to yours or your competitors and monitor campaign products, such as flash sales and pay-day sales. It also enables you to adjust your product prices for optimal revenue, create and monitor product categories that include items from specific brands and sellers, and track grey seller products

Price Intelligence is robust and easy to use. By simply adding the product URL from the Lazada or Shopee marketplaces, you will be able to view the information you need.

Want to learn more about Price Intelligence? Visit this page for more information.